Why Financial Support for Addiction Treatment is a Key to Recovery


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August 2, 2022


Choosing to pursue treatment for an addiction is a life-changing decision. Unfortunately, the cost of treatment has prevented too many people from seeking help. Here are just a few statistics that highlight how important financial support can be for someone who is battling substance abuse or is in need of mental health treatment: 

  • 1 in 4 people who felt they needed treatment didn’t seek it because of cost. (Source)
  • 72% of patients say managing their money during recovery is even harder than managing money during their addiction. (Source)

In the early days of our founding of CaringWays®, we recognized that there was no safe way to crowdfund mental health treatment. By partnering with treatment centers and organizations like Fund Recovery, we wanted to provide an opportunity to help patients raise money to defray the costs associated with treatment in a way that guarantees donor intent. We’ve worked with people across the country, helping them raise money to cover the cost of their treatment. 

Here are three specific reasons why providing financial support for addiction treatment is such an important key to recovery:

1. Cost is the #1 reason people don’t seek treatment.

The cost of substance abuse treatment can vary between $3,000–$20,000 based on needs and location. According to a national drug survey, lack of affordability is the main reason why those struggling with addiction do not seek treatment. While the cost of treatment can sometimes be offset by insurance or scholarships, patients still often struggle with figuring out how to afford it.

2. Providing financial support reduces the stress of figuring out how to seek help.

When someone is dealing with addiction or a mental health crisis, they typically need help immediately. A crisis situation is incredibly stressful and is not an ideal time for a patient to figure out how to cover the cost of the treatment they need. By helping them raise funds to cover that cost, you can eliminate one of the biggest barriers to seeking help.

3. Partnering with individuals shows them they’re not alone in the fight.

Helping someone pursue addiction recovery by providing financial support could make the difference in empowering them to raise their hand and say, “I need help.” Financial support is also a tangible way for friends and family members to rally around someone and show them you are in the fight with them.

CaringWays® is a Pathway to Health

As one campaign recipient recently expressed, “It’s a huge relief to know that there’s financial backing that will help with your recovery and help get you back on your feet.”

These are the kinds of messages that fuel our work at CaringWays® and drive us to help people across the country raise support to help fund their fight for recovery. Through our partnership with Fund Recovery, we provide access to scholarships for more than 400 treatment facilities, discounted rates with providers, and a dedicated crowdfunding platform used to raise money for remaining costs.

Learn more about how you can use CaringWays® to provide financial support for addiction recovery here.

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