Because No One Should Fight the Battle Alone

Discover Why CaringWays® is the Best Way to Provide Practical Help for a Healthcare Journey

Fighting for your health is hard enough. Financial stress shouldn’t add to your worries.

Receiving a cancer diagnosis, starting the path of addiction recovery, or suffering a medical emergency are life-changing moments for patients and their family members. A medical journey is physically and emotionally draining. Then comes the stress of mounting medical bills, unexpected expenses, and the challenge of keeping up with daily tasks.

The Leading Fundraising Solution
for Patients and Caregivers

CaringWays® was founded by people like you. People who’ve experienced the stress of treatment and the financial burden that follows. We know what it’s like to wonder if you can pay your medical bills. We’ve experienced the exhaustion of trying to take care of everyday tasks like lawn care and housecleaning while going through treatment.

CaringWays® was created as the first carefunding platform built as a focused and secure way to cover medical bills and essentials, alleviating the financial toll that illness can take.

CaringWays® Provides People with a Tangible Way to Help Today

We know that a patient’s friends, family, and colleagues are an important support network. They want to help, but often don’t know the best way. Prepared meals are meaningful. But how many casseroles can one person eat in a week?

CaringWays® provides an easy way for you to help. You can raise money to cover medical costs and essential needs like cooking, cleaning, and travel expenses that can often be overwhelming for patients during treatment.

Providing secure financial support is one of the most valuable ways to be there for someone undergoing treatment.

CaringWays® Takes the Burden
Off Your Shoulders

We know that it can be overwhelming to respond to those wanting to help. Asking for financial assistance can also be difficult.

CaringWays® is a solution that allows friends and family to come alongside a patient in a meaningful way without adding the burden of coordinating support.

We also give the patient the freedom to choose what they need while ensuring donor intent is honored through our innovative CareCard.

CaringWays® helps by:

Providing financial assistance

Coordinating support

Giving patients flexible spending

CaringWays® Partners with You on Your Journey

CaringWays® promises to be there to support you on this journey in the ways you need it. We are here to help you securely raise funds that will alleviate the financial burden of illness.

Whether you’re a patient or CareChampion, we will help you raise the support needed and maximize the power that your life and story has on those around you.