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If you’re reading this, you’re either looking for help or trying to help someone else. As the founders of CaringWays®, we’ve been in your shoes, and it’s why we created this platform. We believe our firsthand experiences navigating a medical crisis have given us the empathy necessary to build an informed platform that addresses patient support in a dignified and trusted manner. Our CEO lost his father to cancer, our President lost her husband, and our founding partner is a cancer survivor. We have developed CaringWays® from a 360-degree perspective, and our hope is to help others focus on the fight and not the finances.

CaringWays® has now raised thousands of dollars for healthcare-related expenses, and we’re working hard to continue reaching the people who need it.

Our Leadership Team

Wes Sellers

Wes Sellers


Have you lost a loved one in your circle to a medical loss? I know that feeling all too well.

I know that feeling all too well. I know that with sudden loss can come sudden bills. My family’s medical journey inspired me to start CaringWays®. I purposefully used my experience as an entrepreneur to build CaringWays® to allow people to focus on the fight, not the finances. Over time, I hope to establish CaringWays® as a preeminent solution for people who feel isolated and need to be reminded they are not alone.


Kristi Morrow


Are you a patient or caregiver facing a mountain of medical bills? I’ve been there before.

On top of an emotionally difficult situation, the financial concerns can be overwhelming. As a founder of CaringWays®, I’m passionate about using my personal life experiences and background in healthcare to help others struggling with the burden of medical debt. My hope is that CaringWays® gives people the ability to focus on the important things in life, like spending quality time with loved ones—not medical bills.

Ronn Hollis

Ronn Hollis


Did you or your loved one get a tough medical diagnosis?

I can relate. I was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer in 2014. After getting through the trials of that diagnosis, treatment, and the tremendous cost of my care, I am so proud to tell you about CaringWays®. WE ARE HERE TO HELP! Please allow us to work with you to lift some of the financial burdens associated with medical debt. I’ve personally experienced how family and friends reached out to help during my cancer battle. That experience shaped the work we do today at CaringWays®. Please take care of yourself, get better, enjoy each day with your family and friends, and consider how we can help you.


Jason Ashman


Want to help but not sure what to do? I have been there.

In the past, I knew family and friends struggling with life-altering diagnoses, and I wanted to find a way to help. Sometimes the hardest question you can ask someone going through a difficult medical journey is, “How can I help?” Patients already have so many things they are trying to address, and finding ways you can help feels like another burden. Having worked with healthcare systems in the past to develop technical solutions, my hope is that we at CaringWays® can give you a way to provide tangible help for today.