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December 13, 2022


Crowdfunding for medical expenses has become an essential way for patients to pay for the treatment they need during a medical crisis. While most campaigns start with a lot of excitement and energy, reaching your campaign goal isn’t always easy. This is one of the most important things to know before you start a CaringWays® campaign

CaringWays® wants to do everything we can to empower CareChampions to reach their campaign goal and help patients get the financial support they need for their medical journey. When you start a CaringWays campaign, you won’t be left on your own to navigate the medical fundraising process. However, even if you don’t reach your goal, you will still receive all the funds that were raised during the campaign, so there is no downside to starting a campaign and giving it your best.

What to Do if You Don’t Reach Your CaringWays® Campaign Goal

If you don’t reach your CaringWays® campaign goal, here are a few ideas and potential next steps to consider: 

1. Recognize and Celebrate the Impact You’re Making

The reality is that starting a campaign is one of the most meaningful things you can do for a loved one who is going through a medical crisis. Even if you don’t reach your goal, the funds you raise are helping to pay for medical bills and cover the everyday costs and burdens of a medical crisis. Every dollar you raise makes a difference. 

But more than that, you’re reminding patients that they’re not alone. The emotional support that a patient receives from a CaringWays® campaign can be as meaningful as the financial donations. 

If you’re a patient, it’s important to stop and recognize that all the people who supported your campaign care deeply about you. CareChampions should also celebrate the tangible difference their efforts have made for the patient and their families. 

2. Implement One or Two Best Practices to Jumpstart Your Campaign 

Before you end your campaign, make sure you aren’t missing opportunities to increase donations. Every campaign experiences lulls. But your decision to stick with it and find ways to regain momentum could be the boost you need to achieve your goal. 

Here are a few resources that might help you discover new ideas to reach your campaign goal:

3. Extend Your Campaign

There are many factors that can impact whether or not you reach your goal. It’s important to recognize that just because you don’t raise all the funds in your allotted time frame doesn’t mean you won’t ultimately hit your goal.

It’s equally essential to remember that most major medical events require months of treatment and recovery. The financial support you or your loved one needs might change as they continue through treatment. 

If you’re trying to decide whether or not to extend your campaign, we encourage you to talk to the patient or your family. Getting perspective from others could help reduce some of the discouragement or uncertainty that you’re experiencing. 

4. Ask for Help or Search for a Matching Donor to Make up the Difference

CareFunding is built on the principle of working together to achieve something bigger than ourselves. Whether you’re a patient or a CareChampion, it’s important to remember that you need others and that others want to help. You might consider reaching out to 3 or 4 different groups to ask if they would donate or help spread the word. There also might be an individual donor or local business willing to match the donations you’ve raised. Finding a matching donor could be a way to instantly double the impact of your campaign. 

Encouragement for the Journey

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from our CaringWays success stories, it’s that patients receive so much encouragement when a campaign is launched. We’ve seen hope brought to families coping with childhood cancer and young adults navigating a rare diagnosis. There’s so much power in realizing people want to invest in your life and your health. 

Wherever you might be on your medical journey, you can benefit from feeling your entire community rise up to support you. 

At every stage of your fundraising campaign and your medical journey, we are here to celebrate the highs and help you navigate the lows. Connect with our team if you have any specific questions or learn more about the unique ways CaringWays is designed to support patients.

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