The Critical Role a CareChampion Plays During a Medical Journey


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July 22, 2022


We all know what it’s like to walk alongside a family member, friend, or coworker who is experiencing a healthcare crisis or recovery journey. You may feel sadness and compassion as they describe the treatment they are about to start. You may want to encourage them as they begin treatment. You may feel amazement and awe when you witness someone’s bravery. Above all, you may feel the desire to take direct action to help that person. 

But what is the best way to really help? How do you know what is going to be most helpful for them during this difficult season? What’s a simple way you can meet their day-to-day needs without creating additional burdens for them? 

If any of these questions resonate with you, becoming a CareChampion is the best way to make a tangible difference for your loved one during treatment.

What is a CareChampion?

A CareChampion is anyone who wants to support a loved one during a medical journey by creating a CareFunding Campaign. CareChampions are people who show they care by initiating, managing, and sharing a CaringWays® campaign. While there are dozens of people who care about a patient, CareChampions take action to help those they care about cover their medical bills and health-related expenses. Anyone can be a CareChampion: a friend, a colleague, a family member, or even an acquaintance. 

The Critical Role a CareChampion Plays Through the Journey

Here are three specific ways a CareChampion can support someone during their cancer treatment, addiction recovery, or other medical emergency:

1. CareChampions help eliminate the financial stress of treatment or recovery.

Fighting to maintain health is hard enough. Unfortunately, expensive medical bills and other economic challenges often make the experience even more stressful. According to recent studies, 42% of cancer patients use up their life savings during the first two years of treatment. Additionally, more than half of U.S. adults report they’ve gone into debt because of medical bills in the past five years.

The financial burden of treatment can be just as overwhelming as the physical and emotional hardship. Because CaringWays® provides a dedicated way for patients to pay for medical bills, it gives CareChampions a way to more effectively eliminate the financial stress of treatment.

2. CareChampions provide a way to support a patient’s everyday needs.

The daily responsibilities such as cooking, cleaning, lawn care, and laundry are often neglected during their medical journey. Many times, patients and their caregivers are so physically and emotionally exhausted by the treatment itself that simple tasks become a burden. 

At CaringWays®, our CareCard gives patients a secure way to pay for these everyday expenses. Because the card is controlled by Merchant Category Codes (MCCs), it gives CareChampions a way to help patients cover their practical needs like food, gas, and home-care services on their terms. 

3. CareChampions remind patients that they’re not alone.

In addition to the physical and financial stress, going through treatment or experiencing a major medical crisis can also be a lonely experience. It’s long been recognized that people with chronic illnesses such as Alzheimer’s or other autoimmune diseases are at a higher risk for depression.

Becoming a CareChampion is a way to say to someone, “I’m with you for the long haul.” It helps individuals cover the everyday expenses of care and lessens the long-term financial burdens by covering medical bills, ongoing treatment, and expensive prescriptions. This support gives patients an incredible boost to keep going. 

Show Them You Care: Become a CareChampion

While we may never be able to prevent healthcare crises from happening, one of the things that makes human beings special is our desire to rally around those who are hurting and help them. Providing secure financial support to a patient during cancer treatment, addiction recovery, or other medical emergency is one of the best ways to show them you care. 

Becoming a CareChampion allows you to channel your desire and ability to make a tangible difference for your loved one during their medical journey.

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