Convenient and Safe CareFunding

Gutterglove employees can raise funds for each other and their loved ones for medical treatment and other health-related expenses.

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We’re With You on The Journey

Receiving a cancer diagnosis or experiencing a medical emergency can be overwhelming. That’s why we partnered with CaringWays® to provide our employees and their families with a way to raise funds to cover medical bills and essentials.

We want to help alleviate the financial, mental, and emotional burden of your medical journey. Here’s why we’re excited about the partnership with CaringWays®.

Here’s How It Works

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Help Fund Their Fight with CaringWays

Unlike other platforms, CaringWays® was built specifically for medical fundraising. The platform connects fundraising campaigns with a secure payment platform that helps patients and caregivers cover medical bills and other health-related expenses.


Set up a Campaign.

Visit the “Start a Campaign” page to start the process of setting up a campaign and connecting the patient with a way to receive funds.


Promote Your Campaign.

Once your campaign is live, you can share it with your support network and those who’ve expressed interest in helping.


Equip the Patient with Funds.

As donations are made, the patient can use funds to pay medical bills and cover essentials such as food, gas, and home-care services through a secure CareCard.

Start a CaringWays Campaign

Providing secure financial support is one of the most valuable ways we can be there for someone during treatment. Click the button to start the process of setting up a campaign for your co-worker, family member, or friend.

Start a Campaign

CaringWays® Resources for Gutterglove Employees

Find resources and assets to promote your campaign and reach your fundraising goal.

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