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Medical Fundraising

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January 7, 2023


2022 was a significant and incredibly inspiring year for our team at CaringWays®. We launched a new website that allowed us to highlight the importance of CareFunding for medical expenses. We shared stories from inspiring campaigns. Most importantly, we watched as patients and families experienced the life-changing hope and encouragement of receiving support from a CaringWays® campaign. 

Our Top CaringWays® Success Stories and CareFunding Tips of the Year

To celebrate everything we experienced in 2022, we wanted to take a moment and reflect on some of our top stories, articles, and blog posts from the past year. 

1. CaringWays® First 100 Spotlight: Kelly Modena & Ellen Hollis

Kelly and Ellen are sisters, just not by blood. They met each other over 30 years ago at their middle school in Nashville and have been best friends ever since. In May 2022, Kelly was diagnosed with breast cancer and began an aggressive treatment plan. Shortly after Kelly’s diagnosis, Ellen started a CaringWays® campaign with the goal of reaching $10,000 in donations. The page has far surpassed the initial goal, and support continues to pour in. 

This spotlight showcases the power of friendship during a difficult season. 

2. CaringWays® First 100 Spotlight: Scott Williams

Three years ago, Scott received a brain cancer diagnosis that would bring many people to their knees in despair. The tumor was successfully removed in 2021, but his costly treatments continue. CaringWays® helped relieve financial burdens and stress for Scott and his family. Today, Scott is on a mission to raise funds to support glioblastoma research by cycling the Natchez Trace Parkway. 

We invite you to learn more about Scott’s story and the 444-mile “Erase The Trace” journey he’s undertaken. 

3. CaringWays® First 100 Spotlight: Nick Wilson

Nick Wilson had been in and out of addiction for years, describing his battle as “going through hell and back over and over again.” In 2021, he made the life-changing decision to seek addiction treatment at Learn to Live Recovery. Through a combination of scholarships and donations to his CaringWays® campaign, Nick was able to fully fund his treatment. Sadly, Nick passed away several months after achieving sobriety, suffering a brain aneurysm while he was at work. A happy and extremely kind individual, Nick stayed sober until the end of his life.

We are grateful for the opportunity to honor Nick and his amazing story in this campaign spotlight. 

4. CaringWays® First 100 Spotlight: Tate Hackney & Lauren Vest 

Tate and Lauren have navigated many difficult seasons together, and their friendship is a pillar of support to them both. Today, Tate and Lauren work at Hall of Fame Health. As Tate has battled cancer over the past year, Lauren has been right there by her side to help support her along the way. Tate’s friends and co-workers also started a CaringWays® campaign for her, which raised thousands of dollars to help pay off many of the medical bills that come with a cancer diagnosis.

Check out our story of an inspiring friendship that was born out of adversity. It shows the incalculable impact of helping others. 

5. CaringWays® First 100 Spotlight: Addy Kimbrell

At 25 years old, Addy Kimbrell’s life took a drastic turn as she began a serious battle with a rare injury and subsequent treatment. Having to deal with the financial repercussions of the emergency injury created significant challenges for her. Luckily, Addy found out about CaringWays® and immediately set up a campaign to raise $8,000. Within 24 hours, her goal was met and exceeded.

This spotlight describes the support and hope Abby gained through her CaringWays® campaign.

6. The Critical Role a CareChampion Plays During a Medical Journey

While we may never be able to prevent healthcare crises from happening, one of the things that makes human beings special is our desire to rally around those who are hurting and help them. A CareChampion is anyone who wants to support a loved one during a medical journey by creating a CareFunding Campaign. 

This article highlights the powerful difference that a CareChampion can make in the life of a friend, family member, or colleague as they navigate a medical emergency or health-related crisis. 

7. 8 Tips to Maximize Your CaringWays® Campaign

At CaringWays®, we want to do everything we can to help CareChampions maximize the success of their campaign. To do this, we often share the best ways to increase donations to a campaign.

This article shares a few foundational principles to help you maximize the success of a medical fundraising campaign. 

8. The Everyday Costs and Burdens of a Medical Journey

The financial cost of cancer treatment or a medical emergency can create tremendous stress for a patient. However, the everyday costs of living through treatment and other financial responsibilities can often be just as overwhelming.

At CaringWays®, we often say that “life doesn’t stop after a diagnosis.” This article highlights some of the most common everyday expenses that can become difficult to cover during medical treatment.

9. How to Jumpstart Your CaringWays® Campaign Again

It can be helpful to know that every fundraising campaign experiences dry spells. Most campaigns experience a slump at some point, but you can use creative techniques to jumpstart your CaringWays® campaign. 

This article shares a few proven ideas to consider if you’re looking for a way to increase donations to your campaign. 

10. 5 Things to Know Before You Start a CaringWays® Campaign

While setting up a CaringWays® campaign is relatively simple, there are some important things every patient or CareChampion should consider before they start their campaign. As the first CareFunding platform built to securely and specifically cover medical bills and essentials, we know you or the patient might have questions about how CaringWays® works. 

This article provides a few tips and best practices to keep in mind as you begin your campaign.

CaringWays®: No One Should Fight the Battle Alone

CaringWays® was specifically designed as a medical fundraising platform for cancer patients, people seeking addiction recovery, or individuals who’ve experienced a health-related emergency

Whether you’ve been a CaringWays® supporter since the beginning or you just found our platform, we’re grateful for the opportunity to provide significant support for people in need. As a member of the CaringWays® community, you play an important role in providing hope for patients when they need it most. 

We are excited about everything that 2023 has in store, especially the opportunity to celebrate the lives changed by the support raised through the CaringWays® platform. 

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