Don’t Let Costs Prevent a Full Recovery

CaringWays® provides a dedicated way to raise funds for unexpected and urgent medical expenses.

Unexpected Medical Expenses Can Be Daunting

An unexpected medical emergency or diagnosis can often leave a patient and their family in a difficult situation physically, emotionally, and financially.


of households with health insurance coverage have medical debt


The average unexpected medical expense is approximately $3,500


of people had major, unexpected medical expenses last year

Fighting for your health is hard enough. Financial stress shouldn’t add to your worries.

CaringWays® Helps Alleviate the Stress

Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, CaringWays® was built specifically for medical fundraising. Our platform supports patients and families in need by providing a dedicated way to raise funds that can be used to:

Cover Treatment and Prescription Costs

Our platform can help patients cover everything from hospital and doctor visits to prescriptions and physical therapy.

Purchase Other Health-Related Expenses with a CareCard

We provide patients with a CareCard that can be used to pay for things such as meals, gas, lawn care, and more.

Choose What You Need Most

While all help after a diagnosis is appreciated, the CareCard gives you the flexibility and control to choose how your friends and family can help.

Learn What Makes CaringWays® Unique

What kind of medical needs can be supported through CaringWays®?

Patients and loved ones have used CaringWays® to raise funds for a variety of long-term medical events such as:

NICU visits

Organ transplants


Heart surgery or stroke recovery

Central nervous system disorders

Trauma-related injuries

We recognize each case is unique. For answers to your questions, visit our FAQs page or reach out to our team.

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