How Patients Can Jumpstart Their CaringWays® Campaign Again


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October 28, 2022


Almost all fundraising campaigns launch with a lot of energy and excitement. As a patient, it’s important for you to know there are many people who are eager to help you pay for essential medical treatment or an addiction recovery program you need. Initially, there may be a flurry of donations at the beginning. Inevitably, donations may slow down or even stall after a few weeks. This can be discouraging, especially if you haven’t reached your fundraising goalAt CaringWays®, our team wants to do everything we can to empower you to get the financial support you need to cover your health-related expenses during your medical journey. Before you start a CaringWays® campaign, we want you to recognize that every campaign experiences dry spells. We also want you to know our team is here to help jumpstart your campaign.  

7 Ideas Patients Can Use to Jumpstart A CaringWays® Campaign Again

Here are seven ideas to consider if you’re looking for a way to jumpstart your CaringWays® campaign again and maintain the momentum in order to reach your goal:

1. Share an Update About Your Status

Posting regular updates on your medical fundraising page is the best way to remind people about your campaign, capture the attention of newcomers, and give people information about how their donations are directly improving your well-being. 

People naturally want to know how you are doing, especially when they’ve donated to a fundraising campaign. Sharing updates after your latest round of treatment or highlighting the new realities you’re experiencing can be a powerful way to encourage people to continue financially supporting your campaign. 

2. Highlight How Donations are Being Used

One thing that makes CaringWays® unique is that you can use funds to help pay for medical bills and cover everyday expenses. In your updates, highlight the tangible impact donations are making. You could share specific medical treatments that were funded or point out the various ways you are using the CareCard to cover your everyday needs. 

3. Tap Three Friends to Promote Your Campaign

CareFunding campaigns are built on the power of relationships and connections, and social media can mobilize these connections. As a patient, it’s important to know that you can ask others for help. Reach out to three or four friends and ask them to share your campaign with their social networks. They may even be inspired to ask some of their friends to share the campaign as well. Doing so might provide encouragement and support through the power of community you never realized you needed. 

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Again

Let’s be honest. Sometimes, asking for help is difficult. Most patients are concerned about burdening others with their needs. But just because someone doesn’t donate to your campaign the first time you ask doesn’t mean they don’t care about supporting you in this difficult season of your life.  

In today’s world, people who want to help may forget because they’re too busy or get distracted. Don’t get discouraged if people don’t respond to your initial outreach. Instead, consider how you might follow up with them to give them another opportunity to donate. 

5. Get Creative on Social Media

Your campaign’s success can be directly tied to the number of times it’s shared on social media. It’s important to continually promote your campaign regularly. If you have several accounts on different platforms, now is the time to launch a multi-pronged approach. 

6. Recognize Your Donors

Publicly recognizing people who have already supported your campaign can show your gratitude and invite participation from others. You can highlight the top donors on your campaign page or tag and thank donors on social media. Finding a way to shine a spotlight on your supporters can be a great way to create momentum.

7. Ask Supporters to Share Why They Gave

Every person has their own unique reason for supporting your campaign. These can be powerful testimonies that inspire others to give. Simply following up with supporters and asking them to share, “Here’s why I gave…” can create an ongoing source of content to share throughout your campaign.  

CaringWays® is Here to Help

Most campaigns experience a slump at some point— but you can figure out creative ways to jumpstart your CaringWays® campaign going. Each week our team will update you on your fundraising progress. We’ll also let you know if you haven’t received any donations in the past seven days. These reminders can help you maximize the success of your CaringWays® campaign.

As a patient, we believe your life and your story have a powerful effect on those around you. We are committed to helping you raise support for your campaign.

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