How CaringWays® Makes Medical Crowdfunding More Secure


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May 12, 2022


CaringWays® is created to be the best way for people to provide practical help, encouragement, and hope for patients and families facing a medical crisis. We believe supporting someone during recovery is a journey, not a transactional process. Unlike crowdfunding platforms that don’t specialize in healthcare and recovery-related expenses, CaringWays® is designed as a more secure and focused way to donate and provide financial support.

We recognize that one of the most important factors in accomplishing that goal is to give patients, CareChampions, and donors confidence that the money raised through CaringWays® is safe, secure, and honors the purpose of the campaign.

How CaringWays® Makes Medical Crowdfunding More Secure

Here are a few specific ways CaringWays® works to make medical crowdfunding more secure for patients, their families, and the donors who support them:

1. CaringWays® is Built on a Secure & Compliant Giving Platform

We recognize that security is of utmost importance when receiving donations online. The CaringWays® campaign platform maintains the highest standards of privacy and security, helping you reduce compliance burdens and keep payments safe.

2. CaringWays® Incorporates HIPAA Compliance Standards for Patients

We recognize that a patient’s healthcare information is among the most private information they have. Because our platform works directly with patients to help pay their medical bills, CaringWays® is committed to maintaining cybersecurity & HIPAA compliance standards. HIPAA is a federal law that provides greater protection than traditional consumer data privacy standards. To address this commitment, CaringWays® has a HIPAA Security and Privacy team responsible for maintaining policies, procedures, and standards.

3. CaringWays® Partners with Providers to Innovate Crowdfunding

CaringWays® is one of the only crowdfunding platforms to work directly with patients and providers. In some instances, we partner with hospitals, treatment centers, and other healthcare providers to pay directly for bills from campaign funds. This makes transactions seamless and more secure.

4. CaringWays® Funds are Loaded onto a CareCard Designated for Health-Related Spending

In addition to helping patients pay their medical bills directly, CaringWays® also provides them with a secure CareCard, loaded with donations from their supporters. The patient’s CareCard can be used to buy essentials such as food, gas, and home care services. It is controlled by a Merchant Category Code that is specifically designated for health and recovery-related expenses.

Start Your Secure Medical Crowdfunding Campaign with CaringWays®

CaringWays®d was built to help patients eliminate the financial stress of healthcare recovery. If you or someone you know needs support during cancer treatment, mental or behavioral health recovery, or a medical emergency, starting a CaringWays® campaign is the best way to provide tangible help during their time of need.

Do you know someone who needs support during recovery? Learn more about becoming their CareChampion by setting up a campaign here. For patients, learn more about how to start the process of setting up a CaringWays® campaign.

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