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Medical Fundraising

3 Reasons Companies Partner With CaringWays®

April 7, 2022


Americans are carrying more medical debt than ever before. According to a recent study, medical debt has increased to $140 billion nationwide. This has created a tremendous financial burden for both patients and providers who are working together to address a cancer diagnosis, overcome an addiction, or treat a medical emergency.

As the first CareFunding platform that provides patients and their CareChampions with a dedicated way to raise funds for healthcare-related expenses, CaringWays® has also developed unique partnerships with providers and care organizations to support the financial burden of their patients. To date, CaringWays® has partnered with more than 400 providers across 38 states.

How CaringWays® Helps Care Organizations Support Patients

Here are a few unique ways CaringWays® helps providers and care organizations support their patients:

1. CaringWays® helps pay medical bills directly to care organizations and providers.

One factor that makes CaringWays® unique is our ability to work directly with providers to help patients pay for medical bills. As a patient receives funds in their secure CaringWays® account, they can then pay for medical bills with a CareCard, which is similar to a Health Savings Account. CaringWays® partners with patients to set up direct payments to providers and recovery centers.

2. CaringWays® gives providers and organizations a way to support a patient’s overall well-being.

A patient’s health and wellness is the top priority for care providers and organizations. CaringWays® provides a way to make that approach even more comprehensive by offering patients a way to address any financial issues related to treatment. By sharing the CaringWays® platform, providers can alleviate the stressors that can come with illness, showing patients that they are truly a partner in their journey.

3. CaringWays® equips providers and organizations with resources to inform patients about care funding possibilities.

Providers and care organizations are busy taking care of patients’ physical and mental health. That’s why CaringWays® makes it as easy as possible for providers to share information about the CaringWays® platform as a solution for relieving financial burdens during recovery. We have a library of resources and can provide a unique CareCode you can share with patients who are interested in setting up a campaign.

By partnering with both patients and providers, CaringWays® gives care organizations a way to provide truly comprehensive support. Hospitals, addiction recovery centers, and cancer treatment centers take great care of patients. CaringWays® is just one more tool for providers to be able to support recovery and show patients you are walking this journey with them.

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