Their Fight.

CaringWays® is the first carefunding platform that provides patients and their support network with a dedicated way to raise funds for healthcare-related expenses.

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No One Should Fight the Battle Alone

“I’m here for you” & “Let me know if you need anything!”

These are phrases you may have said to someone going through a difficult medical journey. You want to help in a meaningful way, but how?

CaringWays gives individuals, employers, nonprofits, and healthcare providers a way to provide tangible support to patients when they need it most.

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The Need for Health-Related Financial Support Has Never Been Greater


At least half of Americans now carry medical debt


Almost half of Americans with medical debt owe at least $1,000


Nearly half of cancer patients use up their life savings within 2 years

CaringWays Offers Practical Support for Patients in Need

Know someone going through a difficult medical journey? CaringWays empowers individuals and organizations to raise funds to support a variety of medical experiences:

Cancer Treatment Patients

Focus on the fight against cancer, not the finances.

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Addiction & Behavioral Health Patients

Discover you’re not alone in your journey towards recovery.

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Immediate / Emergency Medical Needs
(heart condition, accident medical needs, etc.)

Don’t let costs keep you from a full recovery.

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CareFunding: A Tangible, Secure Way to Help During Treatment

Unlike other platforms, CaringWays® was built specifically for medical fundraising. We offer patients a trusted and dignified way to collect financial support throughout the medical journey. In addition, we give donors greater confidence to contribute by ensuring funds go to health-related expenses.

Our platform connects fundraising campaigns with a secure payment platform that helps patients and caregivers cover:

Medical Bills

(everything from hospitals to doctors)

Other Medical Expenses

(prescriptions, physical therapy, etc.)

Related Medical Journey Expenses

(meal/grocery delivery, gas, lawn care, home cleaning, and more)

We provide patients with a CareCard, a specific debit card provided by CaringWays, that can be used to pay these expenses.

*In certain instances CaringWays has partnered with providers to pay funds directly.

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How CaringWays® Works

CaringWays provides individuals, known as CareChampions, a way to raise funds in support of a person’s recovery and wellness journey. We also partner with corporations, organizations, and healthcare providers as a platform to offer their employees and patients.

Show your family member, friend, colleagues, or patients you care by helping to alleviate many of the stressors that come with illness.

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CaringWays® Stories, Fundraising Tips, and Updates

We’re here to help you get the most out of your fundraising campaign. Browse our resources for user stories, tips, and CaringWays® updates.

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