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September 28, 2022


Every three minutes, someone in the United States is diagnosed with leukemia or lymphoma, two cancers that affect the blood cells, bone marrow, or lymphatic system. Thankfully, many of these patients are now able to be successfully treated. Since 1963, the 5-year relative survival rate for leukemia has more than quadrupled, and Hodgkin’s Lymphoma is now considered to be one of the most curable forms of cancer. This doesn’t mean the journey is easy. For many patients diagnosed with blood cancer, it becomes more of an endurance challenge than a sprint. 

At CaringWays®, we know firsthand the impact that blood cancer can have on patients and their families. In honor of Leukemia & Lymphoma Cancer Awareness month, we want to highlight ways that loved ones can support patients and families after a blood cancer diagnosis. 

The Power of CareFunding to Support Leukemia & Lymphoma Patients

Every cancer diagnosis has its own unique set of challenges to overcome. Few people, even those who have lived with other types of cancer, fully understand what it’s like to live with blood cancer. Helping a friend or family member after a blood cancer diagnosis can be a way to provide immediate help and offer support as patients adjust to the diagnosis and subsequent treatment. 

Here are four specific ways that becoming a CareChampion and starting a CareFunding campaign for a friend or family member with blood cancer can provide help and hope during their journey: 

1. Provide financial support for the long haul.

One of the most challenging parts about blood cancer is that it requires months or even years to treat. The initial treatment for lymphoma can range between 3 to 6 months. Leukemia can last for multiple years, with the ongoing care and maintenance phase taking up most of this time. The extended timeline and high cost of treatment are two reasons that a significant number of cancer patients use up their life savings in two years.

Given the types and lengths of treatment for leukemia and lymphoma, expensive medical bills can drain a patient’s financial resources. CareFunding helps patients pay for the treatment they need to live while reducing the financial toxicity that comes with stressing about costs.

2. Eliminate the stress and worry around employment and financial stability.

Beyond finding a way to pay for medical expenses, leukemia and lymphoma patients face other financial difficulties. Blood cancers and the treatment they require often impact a patient’s ability to continue working full time. Some patients might have to take significant time off or stop working completely in order to complete treatment. 

At CaringWays®, we believe cancer patients should be able to focus on the fight, not their finances. CareFunding helps remove the stress or worry a patient might face about finding a way to make ends meet during treatment. 

3. Choose flexible financial support over casseroles.

Nearly every patient receiving treatment for leukemia or lymphoma deals with negative side effects. Nausea, vomiting, and even changes in taste or smell are all common side effects of treatment. This can create an even greater burden for patients when well-meaning friends show support by bringing meals to them.

Starting a CaringWays® campaign is often a better way to provide support. Giving a patient the ability to choose what they want for dinner can be a more effective and empowering way to support a loved one during cancer treatment. 

4. Provide encouragement, hope, and support during the ups and downs of treatment.

Every cancer patient experiences good days and bad days during blood cancer treatment. Many times, initial treatments can be aggressive and maintenance treatments may continue for years. 

Starting a CareFunding campaign is a powerful way to remind patients they’re not alone and there are people who are committed to walking alongside them during their journey. This type of tangible support and encouragement is critical during the medical journey

CaringWays® Supports Leukemia & Lymphoma Patients

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with blood cancer and is looking to use crowdfunding to cover expenses, CaringWays® is the best platform to provide tangible help during their time of need. Our platform was designed to help eliminate the financial stress of a cancer diagnosis and support patients’ everyday expenses during treatment. 

Learn more about becoming a CareChampion for your loved one with leukemia or lymphoma.

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