What We Believe

Our core values guide every decision we make and these beliefs are why we created CaringWays.

We start and end with the patient in mind

We believe focusing on the patient is the right thing to do. It’s your diagnosis, their healthcare journey – and in doing so, improved clinical and financial outcomes will follow.

When your health is in question, you shouldn’t have to worry about facing financial devastation because of it. That is why we get out of bed in the morning to do what we do, we want to create the opportunity for you to keep living your life while raising the funds needed to cover your healthcare costs.

Medical bills shouldn’t destroy people’s lives

We believe you shouldn’t fight alone

Community is what makes the hard times feel less uncertain. We believe that people shouldn’t have to go through the big moments in life alone.

We live in a world where circumstances can change in a matter of moments. While you might be in someone’s support circle today, tomorrow you could be in their shoes. Whatever phase you are in – we are here when you are ready.

Today’s donor could be tomorrow’s patient

We have sincere irreverence for the status quo

Americans borrowed $88 billion to pay for healthcare services in 2020 and yet medical debt is the leading cause of personal bankruptcy. There is no way around it – that is simply and undeniably wrong. We cannot sit idly by on the sidelines and accept that as the norm.

It starts from the very beginning of our story – each of our founders has faced a medical crisis that has forever changed the course of their life. Those lessons are valuable and drive the day-to-day initiatives and focus of CaringWays.

We believe the best roadmaps for life’s challenges are created by those who have been there before