We all need a little help sometimes.

CaringWays is a fundraising platform to pay for medical related expenses with ease and security.

  • CaringWays is specifically geared towards medical expense fundraising.

  • A knowledgeable support team is available to guide you through your fundraising journey from start to finish.

  • Customizable campaign pages to share your story with those who matter most.

  • A platform that works across mobile, tablet and desktop to reach your goals – no matter where you are at that moment.

  • Funds raised go direct to medical costs to give donors a sense of security.


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What People Are Saying

A heartfelt thank you to those who have donated; lightening our financial burden lessens the emotional weight we’re carrying through this disease and ongoing treatment.

Scott, CaringWays Patient
This is help for now…so that you can focus on recovery.
Wes Sellers, Founder

Every day, providers face a mountain of uncompensated care balances while our patients’ personal medical debt also continues to rise. Caringways is a welcomed answer to both providers and patients and is uniquely positioned to be the trusted provider for crowdfunding to the healthcare sector.

Bappa Mukherji, Unity Medical Center

Our role, as we see it, is to come alongside patients who’ve had a tough time. We’ve all been there; all of the partners have our own story.

Ronn Hollis, Founder

It gives families an incredible peace of mind knowing that the financial burden of medical care is being eased.

Brad, CaringWays Patient

We partner with providers and provide support to patients to bring funds in and get them where they belong.

Kristi Morrow, Founder

Asking for help wasn’t hard, once I had the idea and realized how easy it was to do with CaringWays.  People were open and generous when they knew I needed help.

Katie, CaringWays Patient


Our Founding Story

CaringWays was created by three founders who came together with the sole purpose of helping patients who are facing the financial pressures associated with a healthcare crisis. Each of us has been impacted by a life-changing healthcare journey, as either a patient, a spouse, or a child. We believe our combined life experiences, both personally and professionally, bring a unique perspective and passion to help patients and families avoid financial devastation in their time of greatest need.

Getting Started

You’re ready to start a fundraiser, but what’s next?


We are ready and eager to help you, but we need a little information before we can get you on your journey.

Did you receive a CaringWays code from a Provider?

If you have received a code from your provider or from our team, you are ready to begin the startup process. You will need to provide personal identifiable information during the registration process. If you are unable to complete the process, please reach out to us at info@caringways.com.


No code or interested in starting a fundraiser for you or a loved one?

In order to get you on the right track, we need to learn a little more about your medical needs. We are still able to create a campaign, but we want to walk you down the right path first.


CaringWays Foundation

The CaringWays Foundation is the sister company to CaringWays that helps provide financial relief from the burden of healthcare expenses for individuals with financial need. Click the button below to send an email to learn more about the CaringWays Foundation.


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