Cover Health-Related Expenses with the CareCard

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The road to recovery is often long, exhausting, and expensive. Most patients don’t have the capacity or the energy to manage basic tasks, such as cleaning, caring for their lawns, or making meals.

The CareCard provides a tangible way to support these everyday expenses that are often overwhelming during treatment.

Life Doesn’t Stop with a Diagnosis

Fighting for your life is physically and emotionally exhausting. But the other responsibilities of life don’t stop when someone receives a cancer diagnosis or experiences a medical emergency.

The CareCard is a secure debit card that patients can use to pay for health-related expenses that become difficult to manage during treatment.

To see a full list of what it covers, visit our FAQ page

Take Care of Their Everyday Expenses with CareCard

The cost of treatment is enough to create a financial burden for most patients. But other expenses that come from living through treatment can be just as overwhelming.

With the CareCard, donations can be loaded onto a debit card that can help the patient with daily needs.

A Focused & Secure Way to Provide Financial Support

Unlike other platforms, CaringWays® was built specifically for medical fundraising and offers patients a more focused way to collect financial support. Our CareCard is controlled by an MCC code, which classifies merchants and businesses by the type of goods or services they provide. This ensures the donations that are added to the card go directly to the medical bills and other expenses that are essential during the recovery journey.

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