Focus on Fighting Cancer, Not Finances

CaringWays® provides a dedicated way to raise funds for cancer treatment and other healthcare-related expenses.

Fighting Cancer Can Be Draining

A cancer diagnosis and its treatment can be both physically and emotionally debilitating as well as financially draining.


of cancer patients incur medical debt for treatment costs


of cancer patients are worried about affording their current or future care


of cancer patients use up their life savings during the first two years of treatment

Fighting for your health is hard enough. Financial stress shouldn’t add to your worries.

Helps Lighten the Financial Burden of Treatment

Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, CaringWays® was built specifically for medical fundraising. Our platform supports cancer patients during treatment by providing a dedicated way to raise funds that can be used to:

Pay for Treatment and Prescription Costs

Our platform can help patients cover everything from hospital and doctor visits to prescriptions and physical therapy.

Cover Other Health-Related Expenses with a CareCard

We provide patients with a CareCard that can be used to pay for things such as meals, gas, lawn care, and more.

Choose What You Need Most

While all help after a diagnosis is appreciated, the CareCard gives you the flexibility and control to choose how your friends and family can help.

Learn What Makes CaringWays® Unique

Success Stories & Resources from Other Survivors

Connect with our community, explore success stories, and discover carefunding resources for your campaign.

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Providing secure financial support is one of the most valuable ways to be there for someone during cancer treatment.