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CaringWays® is the best platform to raise funds to support addiction treatment and mental health recovery.

Finances Shouldn’t Be a Roadblock to Freedom

Choosing to pursue treatment for an addiction is a life-changing decision.

1 in 4

who felt they needed treatment didn’t seek it because of cost


of patients say managing their money during recovery is even harder than managing money during their addiction

$14k - $27k

Standard inpatient treatment can cost between $14,000 and $27,000 for a 30-day program

Unfortunately, the cost of treatment prevents too many people from seeking help.

CaringWays® Helps Pave a Path

CaringWays® provides a way to eliminate the financial barriers to recovery.

Through our partnership with Fund Recovery, CaringWays® is the premier crowdfunding solution for addiction recovery. Together, we provide:

Access to Scholarships to More Than 400 Treatment Facilities

Discounted Rates with Providers

A Dedicated Crowdfunding Platform to Fundraise for Remaining Costs

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