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June 27, 2022


Creating a CaringWays® campaign is one of the best ways to provide practical help and hope for a patient during a medical journey. As with most CareFunding campaigns, the success of your fundraiser will depend on how effectively you share it. While spreading the word through email and social media is a good starting point, there are dozens of other ways you can create momentum to reach your fundraising goal.

7 Creative Ways to Share Your CaringWays® Campaign

Here are seven unique ideas to help you promote your campaign, reach more potential supporters, and raise more money to help your loved one cover their medical bills and expenses.

1. Take a “Lemonade Stand” Approach with the Patient’s Favorite Food

Lemonade stands have become a nationally-recognized way of raising money for charity through organizations like Alex’s Lemonade Stand. This idea borrows from that approach but adds a more personal touch. Rather than serving lemonade, consider serving the patient’s favorite food or beverage as a way to gather donations for your campaign. This is a great way to help supporters feel connected to the patient and celebrate your loved one at the same time. 

2. Host an Event Around the Patient’s Favorite Hobby

Cancer treatment or a medical emergency often limits a patient’s physical capabilities. What better way to bring them joy than by inviting others to participate in their favorite physical activity? It could be an exercise event, fishing outing, wine tasting, or video-game marathon. This idea successfully helped one of our first CaringWays® campaigns raise thousands of dollars through a charity bike ride.   

3. Create a Hashtag for Your Campaign & Post it Everywhere

Hashtags have become a popular way to promote and track campaigns across social media. But have you ever noticed a random hashtag out in public and been tempted to see what it’s all about? This idea capitalizes on the power of mystery. Think about a social media hashtag that is simple but intriguing for your campaign. Then consider all the places you might be able to promote it (without vandalizing any property!). You could create yard signs with the hashtag and post them around your neighborhood. You could partner with a few local restaurants to create table tents. Think about the places the patient spent time and consider promoting your campaign hashtag there. 

4. Provide Specific Donation Ideas to Make a Tangible Difference

One aspect that makes CaringWays® unique is our ability to help patients cover everyday expenses with our CareCard. Much like a nonprofit organization asking people to give $35 per month to support a child in a developing country, or donating $3,000 to pay for a clean water well, why not capitalize on this idea by asking for specific donation amounts to cover the patient’s healthcare-related expenses during a medical journey? Our free CareCalculator provides some categories that patients often need help covering during treatment. Consider asking people to donate $100 for a week for groceries or $50 for lawn care, depending on the specific needs of your patient. For more information on using the CareCalculator to identify you Campaign Goal, check out our blog on the CareCalculator.

5. Create a Little Competition Among Peers

Instilling a healthy dose of competition is a great way to generate momentum for your CaringWays® campaign and achieve your goal. For example, creating an inter-office competition between various departments can be a fun way to rally around a coworker in need. If the patient is a student or teacher, consider getting multiple classrooms involved in the campaign. 

6. Recruit Friends for “30 Days of Encouragement”

Many people want to help a patient during treatment, but some might not have the financial means to do so. Asking them to donate might cause them to feel discouraged or even guilty. Try harnessing the care and compassion of your entire network by hosting a “30 Days of Encouragement” event for your patient during treatment.

The idea is simple. Invite people to post encouraging notes or videos to the patient for a 30-day period. You can add them to your CaringWays® page or ask them to link to your campaign as they share. This is a great way to increase awareness of your campaign and partner with advocates who might not be able to financially support the campaign. 

7. A “Give-It-Up” Challenge

One final outside-the-box idea is to “give up” something you love or the patient can’t have during treatment. A “Give It Up” challenge is a way to collect donations and stand in solidarity with a patient. You can personally give up something and promote that idea until your campaign goal is reached. Or you can invite others to join the challenge alongside the patient until treatment is over. Either way, a “Give It Up” challenge is a great way to bond as a community and with a patient during their medical journey. 

CaringWays® is Here to Help During the Journey

At CaringWays®, we know that every dollar makes a difference during recovery. Throughout the course of your campaign, we’re here to help CareChampions and patients reach their fundraising goals. We’ll keep you updated on campaign progress and even let you know when momentum might have stalled. You can also check out our blog for campaign ideas and resources or subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest medical fundraising tips and best practices directly in your inbox.

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