5 Things to Know Before You Start a CaringWays® Campaign


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August 11, 2022


At CaringWays®, we know that experiencing a health crisis or medical emergency can be overwhelming and exhausting. Patients and their families must spend the majority of their time and energy finding and securing treatment. That’s why CaringWays® wanted to make it as easy as possible for family and friends to provide support on a patient’s medical journey. Our platform was designed to help patients feel less alone on that journey by allowing family and friends to help raise funds to assist with medical expenses.

While setting up a CaringWays® campaign is relatively simple, there are some important things every patient or CareChampion should consider before they start their campaign. 

5 Things to Know Before You Start a CaringWays® Campaign

Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you begin your campaign:

1. Make sure you set the right fundraising goal.

Determining how much money to raise is often one of the most challenging parts of starting a medical fundraising campaign. In order to truly support a patient and their family during treatment, you want to make sure your campaign will help address any potential financial strains they may have. It’s important to consider the hidden financial costs and burdens of a medical journey along with any specific challenges your loved one might face.  

Use our free CareCalculator, a tool to help you determine the right medical fundraising goal, to estimate how much financial support your loved one might need during their medical journey. 

2. Discover tips and tricks to help you maximize your campaign.

Your loved one deserves all the help they can get during this difficult time. That’s why our team at CaringWays® does everything we can to help. After launching campaigns for many people across the country, we compiled a list of best practices to help you maximize your medical fundraising efforts and pulled together creative ways to share your campaign

3. Highlight what makes CaringWays® unique to increase donations.

Unlike crowdfunding platforms that don’t specialize in healthcare and medical-related expenses, CaringWays® offers a more focused, secure way to donate and provide financial support for a patient. Over the years, we’ve found donation requests through CaringWays® are particularly compelling because the platform provides donors with the peace of mind that comes from knowing how the funds are being used to help a loved one.

As you share your CaringWays® campaign, try including a sentence or two about how the platform is uniquely designed to relieve the financial burdens your loved one might experience during their medical journey. 

4. Put time and effort into your campaign page.

Before launching your campaign, make sure you’ve done everything you can to optimize your campaign page for success. While you can always make changes, it’s important that your page is compelling and inspiring at the beginning in order to generate as much momentum as possible.

5. Know that our team at CaringWays® is here to help.

As the first carefunding platform built to securely and specifically cover medical bills and essentials, we know you or the patient might have questions about how CaringWays® works. Don’t be afraid to reach out with those questions! For our part, after you launch your campaign, we’ll keep you updated on its progress by sending regular updates and insights to help you achieve your goal.  

CaringWays® is Here to Help During the Journey

Whether you’re a patient or CareChampion, we believe your life and your story have a powerful effect on those around you. Because we’ve been in your shoes, we know a medical journey is physically and emotionally draining. We’re grateful to be a platform to provide help and hope on the journey.

Whether you’re interested in setting up a CaringWays® Campaign or looking for tips before you launch, our team is here to help.

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