5 “Outside-the-Box” CareFunding Ideas for Medical Expenses


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December 19, 2022


CareFunding for medical expenses has become one of the most meaningful and effective ways to help patients burdened with health-related debt. One of the things we love most is seeing the creative ways people raise support for their CaringWays® campaign. While medical fundraising campaigns exist to help people through a difficult season, that doesn’t mean they can’t also be fun and life-giving. 

5 “Outside-the-Box” CareFunding Ideas for Medical Expenses 

Here are a few ideas to consider if you’re looking for a creative way to increase awareness and raise support for your CareFunding campaign:  

1. Create an Event Based on Your Hobbies and Passions

CareFunding campaigns are a way to provide tangible help to patients during their medical journey. But they’re also an opportunity to celebrate what makes that person unique and special. Medical fundraising can inspire and encourage a patient who might not be able to participate in all of their hobbies because of their treatment plan. 

There are dozens of ways to go about this. You could host a backyard concert, organize a fun run, or plan a golf outing—whatever comes to mind when you think about the patient.

This is a great way to celebrate your loved one, raise awareness about their fight, and give people an actionable way to get involved. For example, one CaringWays® campaign raised thousands of dollars through a charity bike ride

2. Ask People to Support Specific Medical Costs or Needs 

The cost of healthcare often leaves a patient and their family in a difficult financial situation. When one CaringWays® cancer patient was hit with a $300 expense (after insurance) every time she had blood drawn, she specifically mentioned that cost when asking her community for help. These individual expenses add up quickly, and without external support, it’s no wonder that 16% of households with health insurance coverage also have significant medical debt.

But it’s also difficult to grasp how much cancer treatment or addiction recovery costs if you haven’t been through it. One creative way to meet the financial needs of a patient is to highlight the total cost of specific medications, treatments, or procedures. These details help donors understand the tangible impact of their gifts.  

Because CaringWays® also helps patients with the everyday expenses of a medical journey, you can expand this by letting people know they’re paying for a week’s worth of groceries or the gas costs to travel to receive treatment.

3. Host a “Color” Party

Our society has done a great job of coming together to increase awareness about certain types of cancer or medical challenges. Most cancers and common healthcare issues have a certain color designated to unite people. One playful way to incorporate this idea is to host a “color” party based on the specific type of cancer or issue the patient is fighting.

Here are a few resources to help:

4. Plan a Fundraising Event Around the Holidays 

Holidays are a natural opportunity to rally folks together to celebrate. They also make great fundraising events. Depending on when you launch your campaign, you could plan one or two events to increase donations during the holiday season or jumpstart your campaign throughout the year. Here are just a few ideas for each month: 

  • January — New Year’s Celebration 
  • February – Valentine’s Day Bake Sale
  • March – St. Patrick’s Day Pub Night
  • April – Easter or Springtime Brunch
  • May – Mother’s Day Donations
  • June – Father’s Day Barbecue
  • July – Fourth of July Picnic
  • August – Summer Beach Party
  • September – Labor Day Party
  • ​​October – Halloween Party
  • November – Thanksgiving Lunch
  • December – Holiday Party

5. Teach a Class or Put Together an Online Cookbook 

Does your loved one have a gift or skill that others would want to learn? Why not share that with the world? Depending on their energy level, you could host an event where they teach others about gardening or record a series of videos on the basics of woodworking. Another spin on the same idea would be to curate a cookbook with some of their favorite family recipes. 

Your loved one has so much to offer the world—why not use this as an opportunity to highlight what they know?

Raise Funds & Make a Difference with CaringWays® 

One of the things we encourage people to know before they start their campaign is that it will require a little time and effort to hit your fundraising goal. One of the best ways to maximize the success of your CaringWays® campaign is to include one or two creative ideas to increase awareness and inspire people to give.

If you or someone you know could benefit from raising support for medical expenses, CaringWays® is here to help. Learn more about what makes our CareFunding platform unique or contact our team today.

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