5 CareFunding Tips to Increase Donations During the Holiday Season


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November 14, 2022


The holiday season is the most popular time of year for people to make donations to their favorite charities and causes. In fact, 31% of all individual donations occur in December. As a result, people are often bombarded with multiple requests and solicitations from nonprofits. More than half of nonprofits will make between 1-3 donation requests during the holiday season. 

It’s important for patients and CareChampions who are managing a medical fundraising campaign to recognize the opportunity and challenges the holiday season presents. Proactively planning how you will navigate the holiday season is a helpful way to maximize the success of your CaringWays® campaign

5 CareFunding Tips to Increase Donations During the Holiday Season

Here are a few CareFunding tips to help you increase awareness and donations for your CaringWays® campaign during the holiday season:

1. Share an update on how the patient plans to spend the holidays.

Posting regular updates on your campaign page is one of the best ways to maintain momentum as you work toward your fundraising goal. Consider how you can share holiday-related updates on your campaign page. While a significant medical challenge can change how families celebrate, traditions and spending time together can become more important than ever. Sharing these moments with your supporters can be incredibly meaningful. 

2. Consider hosting a special holiday-themed event.

Depending on your bandwidth and the patient’s health, hosting an event is a festive way to increase donations during the holiday season. You could host a movie night featuring the patient’s favorite holiday movie or organize a holiday bake sale with recipes from the patient’s family. There are endless possibilities to incorporate holiday-themed ideas into your CaringWays® campaign.

3. Double your impact with a matching gift.

Matching gifts can be a powerful way to jumpstart your CaringWays® fundraiser. A matching campaign can also be a helpful way to stand out during the holiday season. 

Research shows that people are more motivated to give if they realize their gift can make an even greater impact. In fact, 84% of donors say they’re more likely to donate if a match is offered. You could ask a corporate partner, small business, or major donor to consider matching donations made during a specific time period. Your total donation count will increase, and each donation will go a little further when it’s matched. 

4. Acknowledge that holidays are a busy time of year for donation requests.

As we mentioned earlier, people are bombarded with charitable requests during the holidays. That’s why it’s important to keep your donation appeals simple and compelling. You can help your CareFunding efforts stand out by openly acknowledging the many opportunities that donors have to give during this time of year. If you noticed a dip in donations during this time, you can follow up with potential donors after the New Year.

5. Highlight how CaringWays® helps cover the everyday expenses during a medical journey.

The holidays can create a financial strain for some families, and that can be especially true for families navigating a medical crisis. In some cases, families have to limit their holiday spending because of the everyday financial costs and burdens of the medical journey. During this time of the year, a CaringWays® campaign can ease the cost of medical treatments, leaving more room in the budget for holiday gifts and special activities. On your campaign page, you can share how the patient is using funds to travel home for the holidays or enjoy a worry-free Christmas dinner with family. Helping patients and their families pay for everyday expenses that are impacted by their diagnosis is one of the things that sets CaringWays® apart from other crowdfunding platforms. Highlighting this could be a unique way to inspire people to give. 

CaringWays® knows that the holidays can be a difficult time for patients in need. We’re here to help you leverage the unique ways CaringWays® is designed to support a patient during their medical journey.

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