4 Reasons to Regularly Update Your CaringWays® Campaign


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September 20, 2022


So much energy and intention goes into starting a CaringWays® campaign. Funding a campaign is a long-term goal, and it can sometimes take several weeks or months to reach your milestones. To imbue your campaign with momentum and urgency, regularly updating your CaringWays® campaign is one of the best ways to maximize its success.

4 Reasons to Regularly Update Your CaringWays® Campaign

Here are four specific reasons that updating your CaringWays® page is an important part of your medical fundraising campaign: 

1. Updates Help You Increase Donations & Maintain Momentum for Your Campaign

Every campaign starts with a launch date, and most Care Champions see an initial surge of support when the campaign begins. After a strong beginning, you may see your donation rate begin to wane. Providing updates to your CaringWays® page is a great way to keep people engaged as you work towards hitting your goal. 

The more you interact with donors and potential contributors, the more likely people are to support your campaign. In fact, studies have shown that campaign pages that post regular updates once per week can raise up to three times more than those that only post once. 

CaringWays® Campaign Tip: We’ll provide fundraising progress updates throughout your campaign. This includes letting you know if your campaign hasn’t received any donations in the past week. These email updates can be a helpful reminder to post an update on your campaign page.  

2. Updates Help Supporters Stay Connected With the Individual and Their Family.

A healthcare crisis can be a long journey. Whether you or your loved one is battling cancer, healing after a medical crisis, or undergoing addiction treatment, it’s important to recognize that people want to hear about how things are progressing. 

People give generously to CaringWays® campaigns because they know medical care can be expensive and exhausting. Providing updates about treatments, results, and emotional wellbeing is a great way to keep the people who care most in the loop about current status updates. 

CaringWays® Campaign Tip: Photos can be a powerful way to help supporters connect with your campaign. Visual updates feel warm and personal, and they can show treatments, your status, and even what’s bringing you joy during your medical journey. 

3. Updates Allow You to Share the Tangible Impact that Donations Make

Here’s one of the most common reasons people don’t give: They don’t know how their funds will be used. 

Donors feel encouraged and empowered when they feel their gift has an impact on improving a situation. Posting updates on your campaign page allows you to share specific ways your CaringWays® campaign has made a difference for an individual. You can also highlight what you and your family have been able to accomplish as a result of direct financial support.

CaringWays® Campaign Tip: Because CaringWays® allows you to raise support for medical bills and daily living expenses, consider highlighting how donations help patients and their families thrive during treatment.

4. Updates Provide a Way to Share New Needs that Arise

One of the most challenging aspects of being diagnosed with cancer, experiencing a medical crisis, or starting addiction treatment is that you don’t really know how long the medical journey will be. In addition to the initial medical expenses, unexpected costs and bills can often add up. 

Updating your campaign page is an easy and effective way to share new needs that arise. Your supporters can help you cover new medical expenses such as physical therapy, new medications, or additional treatment. They can also provide financial support for expenses like traveling for treatment or establishing in-home care. 

CaringWays® Campaign Tip: We want to help you determine the right fundraising goal with our CareCalculator. If you need help learning how to update your campaign goal, our team can help.  

We’re With You On the Journey

You and your loved one deserve help and support during this difficult time. You’ll have the best chance of reaching your CaringWays® campaign goal if you can spread the word far and wide through frequent updates. 

Whether you’re a patient or CareChampion, we believe your life and your story have a powerful effect on those around you. We are so grateful you’ve found CaringWays® to help empower you and your loved one.

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