No One Should Fight the Battle Alone

“I’m here for you” & “Let me know if you need anything!”

Patients often hear these phrases as they’re undergoing treatment. Friends and family want to help, but they’re not always sure how to offer support.

CaringWays® empowers you to provide the tangible support they need most.

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CareFunding: A Tangible Way to Help During Treatment

Unlike other platforms, CaringWays® is specifically built for medical fundraising. We offer you a trusted and dignified way to collect financial support throughout the medical journey. In addition, we give donors greater confidence to contribute by ensuring funds go to health-related expenses.

Our platform connects fundraising campaigns with a secure payment platform that helps patients and caregivers cover:

We provide patients with a CareCard, a specific debit card provided by CaringWays®, that can be used to pay these expenses.

*In certain instances CaringWays® has partnered with providers to pay funds directly.

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Practical Support for Patients in Need

Know someone going through a difficult medical journey? CaringWays® empowers caregivers and CareChampions to raise funds to support a variety of needs.

Cancer Treatment

Focus on the fight against cancer, not the finances.

Behavioral Health

Discover you’re not alone in your journey towards recovery.

Immediate Medical Needs

Don’t let costs keep you from a full recovery.

How CaringWays® Works: Start a Campaign

CaringWays® provides CareChampions with a way to raise funds in support of a person’s recovery and wellness journey.

How it works:

  1. Go through our registration process to start a campaign. When you start a campaign, the CareChampion and the patient will receive an email to complete registration.
  2. Share it with other friends or family in the patient’s support network. CaringWays® will provide tips and best practices to promote your campaign.
  3. See the tangible impact your network can make. As funds are gathered, the patient receives financial support through a secure CareCard that can be used to pay medical expenses and buy essentials such as food, gas, and home care services.

Becoming a CareChampion gives you a way to show your family member, colleague, neighbor, or friend that you care by helping to alleviate many of the stressors that can come with illness.

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